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We take a lot of pride in our name, work and will treat your home as if it were ours. We are very proud to be googles highest rated exterior cleaning company in Tennessee. With all of our Roof Washings we back it with a 3 year warranty and 100 percent guarantee!

Soft Wash

 Our “Soft Wash” process produces immediate results that last four to six times longer than pressure washing. As far as the results, we let our real customer testimonials, non-manipulated before and after photos and years of proven success speak for themselves.

We enjoy providing a knowledgeable solution to the problem of dirty roofs in Nashville, Murfreesboro, Brentwood, Hermitage and surrounding areas. If you are interested in our services or have any questions regarding the causes of roof algae or the proper method of removing it, feel free to contact us.

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I would highly recommend Wet Works if you need any power washing done. James was very professional and did a great job. They are one of the best companies I have worked with to have work done at my home. My house looks great and I am very pleased with their work.
Nancy Johnson
These guys did a great job with the house siding and back deck. They were very efficient and also put a lot of care into what they were doing. Highly recommend!
Ashley Smith
Jude and James from Wet Works Pressure washing were amazing from beginning to end!! From scheduling to being on time and then the amazing job they did on cleaning my house and roof made me know for sure I will use them for my next years cleaning. Thanks Wet Works for a job well done.
Loretta Butera
Very professional company. I can’t recommend theses guys enough. They have washed so many houses and roofs in my neighborhood. I can see why they have such a big following.
Tuyen Nguyen
Had my house and driveway washed today! He was nice and really punctual! Gave house and driveway a much needed facelift. Awesome work!Also bonus, he closed the back gate when he was done! Seems minor, but thankful he kept the pups safe. Thank you!!
Ashley Nelson
James did a great job, was thorough and professional! Would definitely recommend!
Lindsey Cole
Jude and his team were phenomenal with cleaning my roof. It looks new again.
Kenny Mauk
These guys did an awesome job cleaning my roof, and power washing and sealing my drive. We are happy with their response time, professionalism and the quality of their work. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend Jude and his crew (special thanks to Cody !!) These guys go over and above.
Gail Kuhlman
Cody and Jude were very professional. With lots of trees in our backyard, our gutters were quite full. They spent a great deal of time cleaning them out. The siding is pristine after pressure washing. I highly recommend this company. Prices are reasonable, as well.
Jenny Gambill
We used Wet Works for a house wash as well as driveway/patio cleaning. They responded with a quote the same day and I was able to get on their schedule. The day the work was done they sent me pictures of the progress throughout the day. They are very polite, professional, and their prices are fair. I would definitely use them again.
James Linam

Wet Works provides roof cleaning for any type of roof material. The most popular style of roof shingle in Nashville is the asphalt single. This type of shingle will often develop unsightly dark areas, moss, algae, and even plant life! (if enough dirt has accumulated on your roof) Keep reading to learn more about how to protect the integrity of your roof and home’s value with our roof cleaning services.

Roof Algae 101

The unsightly dark areas of your roof are likely a type of blue green algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma. It releases spores that easily travel from roof to roof, which can wreak havoc on an entire neighborhood. Roof algae thrives in high humidity, damp areas which are usually shaded. You may notice that the north side of your home or building contains the most green areas. That is because the north side of your structure gets the least amount of sunlight.

Algae require a substrate to latch onto and feed from. The reason why algae thrives in Nashville is because our shingles contain crushed limestone. This limestone sustains the algae over a long period of , and damages the roof if left unmanaged. Algae can not live on limestone alone – it also needs water. Algae has an amazing ability to trap and retain moisture in the right conditions. This damage to your roof can impact your cooling costs, as the moisture in the algae traps heat along with moisture. A heavily neglected roof will also void any warranty granted to you by the shingle companies, as they must be properly maintained in order to last for their full lifespan.

Roof Algae Removal

Roof shingle manufacturers such as Owens Corning and GAF have released literature about the proper way to clean their shingles in order to get the maximum lifespan for the roof. Our team follows the guidelines set by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association. (in conjunction with instructions from the major shingle manufacturing companies.
Our process uses a very specific detergent that is designed to be strong enough to be effective, yet not so much that it damages the shingle. The detergent is designed to remove all of the usual suspects, such as moss, mold, algae, dirt, lichens, and even airborne pathogens. The amount of pressure used is so low that it is tantamount to a heavy rainstorm. Nothing your roof shouldn’t be able to handle. If you ignore the manufacturer recommendations and decide to take a pressure washer to your roof, you will almost certainly damage the shingles and void the warranty that all shingle companies attach to their products. Granule loss is when the shingle surface material starts to deteriorate. This will prevent your roof from properly reflecting heat, thus raising your cooling costs in the Nashville heat.


Algae has a habit of growing back. If your roof is already in good condition, keep it that way by utilizing one of our lower-cost maintenance cleanings. We recommend an annual or bi-annual roof cleaning schedule in order to catch any issues early. The frequency that your need to have your roof cleaning is highly dependent on the environment.