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House Washing

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At Wet Works we invest in the latest and best equipment the market has to offer. This ensures the exterior of your home is professionally and efficiently cleaned to a “T”. We stand behind our work and back it with a 100 percent service guarantee and to top it all off we also give a 1 year warranty on all house washes.

See what Nashville is saying about us!

Sara Bahro
whoa! my home and back patios are back to how they looked when we first moved!! i am so pleased with the whole experience with this company!! i’ll see ya next year!
nikki hurtt
The concrete surrounding the gazebo in our backyard had algae build up really bad! Spoke with the owner Jude who is up front and very responsive had Thomas out and fixed it back to new in no time! Thanks you again wetworks !
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Cristian Mendoza
My home and gutters were in really bad shape, Brian was very polite i appreciate the hard work from this company. Ask for brian he is the best!
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Dawn Luna
The roof of my home was covered with mold and Brian and Thomas had no problem climbing up to the top and taking care of it all! Both young men were polite and respectful, very professional company
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Don Jones
My home was covered with algae predominantly on one side and i tried everything I could until Brian and the wetworks crew came and wiped it all off no problem and very fast too! I am impressed to say the very least! Highly recommend, great company
Response from the owner: Thank you Don!
Tyrone Gordon
The concrete that surrounds our pool was algae covered and the windows of our home were covered with crud on the inside and outside while Brian was cleaning concrete Mary cleaned windows and the way they look now is night/day wow! I highly refer wetworks to all my neighbors /friends and family!
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Josiah Bakalyar
My whole experience with this company was great I am shocked how the vinyl, gutters and roof look on my old rancher style home!
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Taylor Snodgrass
My home and walkways look absolutely incredible! They were green black and all kinda of colors I didn’t even know it could be, looks restored back to its original condition thanks to Brian and Thomas! Impressed to say the very least!
Response from the owner: Thank you!!
Shannon Mullins-Earley
Brian pulled up to my house on time bright and early and walked me through what he was going to do from start to finish! Very professional and all around florets company I def recommend for all pressure washing needs !
Response from the owner: Thank you!!
Zach Tully
Brian is the man!! We walked around my home and he talked me through the entire process! Home and walkways, driveway look brand new highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Thank you!

Brick Washing

Brick is a very durable material that can safely withstand high temperatures and pressure when compared to other exterior materials. That doesn’t mean that we go with the nuclear option from the get-go. Instead of just power-blasting your surfaces clean, we will let it soak in solution in order to penetrate and pre-dissolve the nasty stuff. This ensures that we don’t have to apply surface-damaging levels of pressure to get the job done.

Stucco and Vinyl Washing

Stucco and Vinyl siding are much more prone to damage, so we use a process called softwashing. Hot temperatures can damage stucco and vinyl, so the water that we use is cold. Cleaning more delicate materials such as these is best done with soaking and chemicals, not pressure. We use a perfect blend of chemical concentration, soak time, and light pressure in order to effectively clean these surfaces without doing any damage. The detergents that we use contain surfactants and rise aides, similar to a dishwashing liquid. It works great on windows and siding. We also utilize algicide which helps to prevent the growth of more algae in the future.

Hardyboard and Wood Clapboard Washing

Hardy board and wood clapboard is a little more tricky. We have to consider the type, age, condition of the wood, including any paint or finish that is already on the wood. In many cases, the wood or paint is not durable enough to use high pressure. We softwash these surfaces all the time and get great results. Read the paragraph above to learn more about softwashing.

Pressure Washing a home is a thing of the past.

Here at Wet Works we chemically soft wash all of our homes. Pressure Washing a home can cause unwanted damage to vinyl siding and only temporarily cleans the mold off of your home.

The detergents that we use totally removes the mildew and mold from your house – down to the spores. Included in your house wash , we also clean the soffits, trim, gutters, and facias.

We provide professional exterior house washing services for any type of material. Whether your home’s exterior is made of brick, stucco, vinyl, or wood, we can make it shine!

Our procedures are tailored based on the material that we are washing. For instance, building exteriors such as stucco and vinyl can easily be damaged by high pressure. Keep reading to learn more about how we tailor our solutions to your needs in Nashville!